STarbucks coffee co. - Provo, UT - Spring 2020
When Starbucks approached me with an idea for this mural, I knew immediately it was going to be a great fit. They came to me with a vision that was a perfect starting point for me, and then gave me the room to freely push that vision to the next level. The majority of the design is made up of my signature brand of squiggles, but taken to a much more complex level of design, and highlighted with the addition of metallic gold linework. It was slow, meticulous work executing that portion of the design, but the mountains in the design came about quite differently. I did several detailed ink drawings of the Timpanogos mountain range in preparation for the mural, but when it came to actually painting it, I executed the mountains very quickly. With my detailed, but small, ink drawings as a guide, I just went for it, making every stroke of the brush expressive and final. After several very stressful, but exhilarating hours, the design was finished. That experience stands out as one of the very best moments out of all my time spent painting murals.
My mural for Netflix, "NICE WHILE IT LASTED", was designed to create a mural process absolutely full of those same exhilarating and stressful moments.

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